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This building was erected in 1885 by the Liberals of Martock, as the result of a dispute. The Liberals had requested the use of the Town Hall (Market House) for their meetings. The vicar, the Rev E A Salmon, who had the authority to let the Town Hall, refused. The inference was clear: the church would not support the influential Liberals because they belonged to the non-conformist churches, and might gain a religious as well as a political advantage in Martock. The Liberals submitted a Resolution to the Lord of the Manor, Mr Gooden, questioning the conditions under which he had granted to the vicar the authority over the use of the Town Hall.

Mr Gooden declared that he would not interfere with the vicar’s decision; the two parties were irreconcilable, and so the Liberals raised £825 to build their own meeting place, called ‘Liberal Hall’ in the grounds of what had been the original chantry. It was built by Yandles, and so the story goes, was hampered by conservatives dismantling stonework by night!

In the 1960s the building was purchased by the Parish Council, and was subsequently re-named The Parish Hall.

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